Rudolph Truck Tire is based in Murray, Kentucky with warehouses located in both Dallas, Texas and Murray, Kentucky.  We were founded on August 8, 1981 on one simple premise. Sell quality tires, price them competitively, and service customers well.  Rudolph Truck Tire delivers customers a great selection of sizes, styles, and brands.

Rudolph's is a leader in the tire industry offering a wide range of brand name and import tires to the trucking industry.  Currently, Rudolph's is doing business in all 48 states.

For the last 43 years, our prices, availability and quick delivery are just a few reasons why trucking companies nationwide have chosen Rudolph Truck Tire as their supplier or as a supplement to existing vendors.

Rudolph Truck Tire Sales

Shawn Lucas
Rudolph Truck Tire - 35 years
Justin Chadwick
Warehouse Manager, Murray KY
Rudolph Truck Tire - 20 years

Rudolph Passenger Tire Sales

Andrew Brazell
Rudolph Tire - 1 year
Candice Brittain
Rudolph Tire - 8 years
Dylan Fowler
Rudolph Tire - 2 years
Jacob Franke
Rudolph Tire - 3 years
Jeanne Bogard
Rudolph Tire - 21 years
Jerry Green
Rudolph Tire - 19 years
JR Ray
Rudolph Tire - 4 years
Justin Nash
Rudolph Tire - 9 years
Kim Galloway
Rudolph Tire - 20 years

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